· All the single separated raw tracks for you to mix the song from the ground up.
Everything from snare top/bottom, kick in/out, toms and all the other drum tracks, all the separated guitar and vocal tracks, and so on.

· Complete DI tracks of all the guitars (Rhythm/Lead/Clean) and bass, if you want to reamp them yourself.

· Huge choice of Guitar and Bass reamps, if you want something ready to be mixed.

· Pre-mixed stems (to be used for covers/playthroughs/remixes/etc.)

· Unmastered version for your mastering practice

· 8 Fractal Audio Axe-Fx presets (Rhythm/Lead/Clean) used during the recordings

· PDF including all the details on the recording and mixing process

· Full quality 1080p version of 'Visualize' and 'Visualize Instrumental' videos

· Full quality .WAVs of both original and instrumental versions

· Guitar TAB + Lyrics

Download size is approx 5GB - product link will be delivered shortly after order confirmation.